Digital revolution has become more evident. This is no more different in healthcare. More than 81% of doctors who have online presence either in the form of own/clinic’s website have reached new patients, leading to increase in new patient enrollment and hence profitability. As per the Gartner research, more than 30% of those with online presence generate majority of their revenues online. Besides being a professional approach to reach masses, the website and your online profile could be a perfect venue for your business and professional networking!

Domain registration

The domain name serves a unique identity of yours on the World Wide Web (www). No two people can have the same domain name at a time, you are unique, and so have a unique name for yourself. Do let us know of the unique name of yours and we would do the rest.

Website design/web application development

We leverage years of experience in web development and web application design to develop and deliver a professional website that fits your company's image, needs, objectives and budget perfectly. As an integral part of website development, we offer the following services:

  • Logo design
  • Banner creation
  • Web hosting
  • Custom web application development
    • Web-based, database driven, dynamic content
    • Automate existing manual process with a database driven online application
  • Input forms, database search and result optimization
  • Newsletter sign up/e-newsletters
  • Search engine optimization services (SEO/SEM)
  • Digital marketing

Patient appointment, SMS/email reminders and feedback system

An online and cloud based telephony for taking appointments and accessing medical reports could improve service quality, improve business and give you better return of investments besides having a fully customizable automated integrated system that works with minimal human intervention. The online system could be integrated with online payment system for a hassle free and realtime money transfer directly to your account.

Advantages of having online system

  • 24x7 availability
  • Reduces overcrowding of walk-in patients during peak hours
  • Reduction of patient's waiting time
  • Eliminates appointment clashes and issues related to human errors
  • Online payment of fees- gets directly credited to mapped account
  • Freedom of having a pre-booking and option to reschedule
  • Realtime information access
  • Multiple availability could be configured
  • System automated sequencing, reminders, alerts
  • Mass message to all patients for anything- doctor unavailability, appointment cancellation, new service from doctor/clinic/hospital
  • Auto creation of patient's database
  • Option to reserve slots for emergency and cancel appointments
  • Dashboards to show
    • Appointment summary
    • Total slots available
    • Types of appointments
    • Admissions
    • Cash flow

Vaccination/medical alert scheduling online system

Every patient/care taker and parent attached with you or your clinic expects personalized services that add value to overall healthcare efforts. The automated vaccine and medication reminder system could ensure that no child misses out the vaccination schedule and no patient skips any dose or prescribed medicine.

The system is intelligent to automatically prepare vaccination schedule the moment date and time of birth is fed into the system. The vaccination schedules are based on the recommendations from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP).

Main features

  • Automated system
  • Customize schedules
  • Suggest available vaccines in the market with cost
  • Multiple SMS and Email reminders
  • Missed Vaccination alerts through SMS/email
  • Generate vaccination reports, SMS reports

Case studies/manuscript publication

Every patient registering with you is a case. Case studies play a crucial role in the overall healthcare management system. Case studies guide junior/trainee doctors and your peers to understand how meticulously you utilized the medical knowledge, your skills and experience to treat a medical condition. Publication of case studies could help medical fraternity to utilize your experiences in solving their cases and treating patients. Thus helping build a healthier world.

Patient education brochures/handouts

Patient education is the first step to treat and manage a disease. If you want customized medical knowledge to be shared with your patients, we could help you. Just let us know what you want. We could create, design, print and even provide you an online option of the same readily available for your patients.

Medical content support/CME

We understand that you will not have time for scanning across the world wide latest published medical references that for sure act as ready reckoners for your daily practice. We are there to help you get the best of medical updates as per your choice.

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