Various types of services offered under medical communications are enlisted below. All these options are customized carefully to meet the requirement of your brand and help it flourish in the market. These inputs act as supplementary scientific adjuncts to your brands and help healthcare professionals/readers understand your brand in a better way. Our services at a glance:

  • Medical communications / scientific writing / medical writing
  • Publication development and planning
  • Medical content creation for
    • CME programs
    • Expert advisory panels and round table discussions
    • Key opinion leader based newsletters
    • Event and congress management
    • Medical field force training and support
    • Patient education

  • We create and customize content and creatives to adapt and sync to brands we work with
  • Our team remains committed to the timelines and we follow a very efficient process to deliver solutions not just services
  • We are available 24x7 and 365 days!

  • Pharma Pulse: Your communication partner at each stage of your brand life-cycle



    The main idea of creating brand communications during pre-launch is too create awareness about your brand. We know that it is this stage where your investments are high due to several commitments you have towards your brand planning. Our set of suggested inputs would enable you to make best use of your allocated budget.

    • Staff training manuals
    • Teaser campaigns
    • Detail aids (both for patients and doctors)
    • Product monographs
    • Newsletter series
    • Journal articles


    During launch and post-launch, the nature of these medico-marketing inputs changes and the main intention of these inputs are to retain brand in the minds.

    • Journal supplements
    • Newsletters as brand reminders
    • Educational articles and papers
    • Slide kits
    • Guideline updates
    • Advertisements


    The main objective of medico-marketing inputs published during the growth phase of your brand is to foster interest and promote loyalty.

    • Websites
    • E-detailers and mailers
    • Customized journals
    • Conference and meeting symposium briefs
    • Patient education posters and tear-offs
    • Staff-knowledge updates through training manuals/slide kits


    At this stage, the primary objective of any brand communication would be to target prescribers and maintain its sales. As the competition, is expectedly high at this stage, a careful planning of various customized brand communication inputs would for sure help your brand to remain an established brand.

    • Educational series/Newsletters
    • Customized journal updates
    • Clinical compendiums
    • Patient education materials

    Decline and revitalization

    At this stage, the market share of your brand decreases and most of the time you plan to revitalize it by launching its line-extensions. However, several medico-marketing tools could help in revitalizing your brand and helping you increase its sell.

    • Advertorials and advertising campaigns
    • Detail aids
    • Line extension/new indication
    • Advisory boards

    Communiqué (Newsletter)

    Communiqué provides a mixture of several topics like editorial, abstracts, reviews, latest news in the medical field, international perspective on diseases and drugs, update of the latest conferences, specialists’ opinions, quiz, humor etc. The main intention of a communiqué is to provide a glimpse of several topics concisely.

    Case reports

    Case reports have been regarded as time-honored scientific documentation of a single clinical observation. Case reports represent a relevant, timely, and important study design in advancing medical scientific knowledge especially of diseases and their management. The observations made in a case study could add to our understanding- etiology, pathogenesis, natural history, and treatment of a medical condition being discussed. This very often helps in training potential healthcare professionals. Case reports also focus on new therapies and new treatments. We tie up with KOLs of your interest and provide case studies to support your branding.

    Patient education

    Pharma Pulse has played a significant role in imparting patient education through various means- both print and digital. We could be a valuable support for your brandby providing various patient education inputs such as-

    • Tear-offs/hand-outs
    • Posters
    • Leaflets
    • Disease booklets
    • Standalone and waiting room companions
    • Patient education charts

    Product monographs

    Product monographs harbor complete information of your new products, as well as newly developed technologies/therapeutic indications of the existing products. These product monographs could act as essential tool for training healthcare about your brand.

    Leave behind literature/Visual aids

    Doctors do not have much time to glance through the latest medical development presented to them through various means. We at Pharma Pulsecould develop leave behind literatures (LBLs) withevidence-based scientific data and present it in the best possible way to allow doctors to have a bird eye-view of the medical developments.


    We help in designing very comprehensive scientific data (calendars and flip charts) that can be a valuable addition to Doctor’s table.

    CMEs/Power Points/Flash presentations

    Our team of highly skilled medical writers could convert complex scientific and medical information to self-explanatory kits that would allow medical fraternity to present this medical information in symposia and conferences with confidence and ease.

    Clinical compendiums/review articles

    Many a times, the medical fraternity demands concise clinical compendiums and unbiased reviews. We could be indispensable in developing such contents for you.


    Content writing for Healthcare websites

    Pharma Pulse helps in preparing content for healthcare portals including medical websites, pharmaceutical company websites and hospitals websites.

    Marketing and public relations content writing

    • Write-ups for press releases
    • Write-ups for social media releases
    • Blog writing
    • Magazine article writing
    • Medical abstract writing
    • Poster development


    Every organization is unique and works differently. If you have your own company logo, website, own set up, why use a readymade software solution? Let’s catch and we might be able to help you have your own customized online application that works just the way you want it to work. Do let us know if you are looking for Android applications as well.

    • Retail / e-Commerce
    • B2B Portals
    • Enterprise Collaboration
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
    • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Human Resources Management (HRM)
    • Online Community/corporate Intranet/e-Learning/restricted information sharing


    Creating a brand starts right from having your own logo, stationaries such as letterheads, envelopes, stamps, badges, company brochure, etc. Do let us know if you want any of these.


    Our expertise in providing you multilingual support for your offline and online activities would for sure amaze you. Do speak to us if you want to publish/shoot an input in multiple geographical locations. We could help you both with Indian and International languages.


    • Product launches- registration/feedback forms, teasers, presentations, videos
    • CMEs (Offline and online)- registration, collaterals, follow-up, feedback
    • RTMs- Expert opinion, consensus booklets, reviews
    • Survey based inputs
    • Academic inputs based on observance days


    The age of internet has changed the way a person perceives and utilizes information. With the availability of multiple platforms of information accessibility, it becomes essential for stakeholders to allow users to access this information in multiple platforms. Besides the above forms of communication, we could help you with short audio-visuals that you could share with your team/consumers on multiple digital platforms including WhatsApp.